Motivation this semester and concluding a few past posts

Throughout the semester I have felt unmotivated.  I really don’t have any clue as to why though.  I really want to do this whole school thing and get my degree so that I don’t have to work in the factory the rest of my life but for some reason that isn’t enough to keep me going anymore.  I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the readings every week, although this could be due to the fact that the weather is getting nicer and instead of being outside doing fun things, i’m either at work or cooped up in my apartment doing schoolwork.  I think this summer will prove to reinvigorate me though as I am going to be doing a lot of fun stuff such as working Summerfest for Harley.

Now that I got that off of my chest, I can use this final blog post of the semester to provide some updates and closure from my earlier posts this semester.

For starters, I still haven’t gotten my motorcycle back yet.  It’s all paid off and waiting for me but my license plate bracket is still on back-order and won’t be in for another week or two yet.  It was supposed to come in mid-March and I am not too happy about this.  Usually i’m not a big complainer but this is ridiculous.  I am hoping to spin this to my advantage though and possibly get my 5,000 mile maintenance checkup done for free instead of having to pay $250 for it.  I also want to get free winter storage for next year which will save me more money.

In regard to my earlier comment about being unmotivated, I think I might  be able to diagnose why.  The last couple of weeks I haven’t been working out due to work and school concerns.  When I don’t workout I get a bit irritable and my mind gets a little unfocused and cloudy.  Once the semester is over I will have more time and can hopefully get back to my workout schedule.

Finally, I have been on Welbutrin for a little over a month now and sadly, i’m still smoking.  I haven’t given up on quitting yet though and will try a bit harder once semester is over because I’m not sure that quitting would be good for me when I have a lot of school work to do and am a bit stressed.  On the plus side, the Welbutrin is good as an appetite suppressant so with not working out I haven’t gained any weight!

Hopefully I will continue to write blog posts as they are a good way to just vent and get my thoughts out on paper.  I have to say, I was a little worried about coming up with content for these over the course of the semester but once I started writing it came to me very easily.


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